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What happens when your appliances break down? As certified appliance repair professionals, we understand the frustration and inconvenience of broken refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other necessary appliances that your rely on. As a family oriented company we strive for quality, as well as haste. With our local office in Georgetown, TX, we provide quick and efficient appliance repair services that will fix the problem at the source. Each of our technicians are trained in various brands and models of the industry to better assist your unique problem. Whether you need a simple repair or replacement part, our work can be completed within the same day.

Georgetown is known as the “Red Poppy” capital of the great state of Texas because of the many wildflowers planted throughout the town. If you are a homeowner here, you know a lot about the history of your town, but you may not know much about how to fix a broken AC, fridge, washer or dryer, or ice maker. That is where our appliance repair experts can help! Give us a call today to learn more, or to make an appointment.

Fast Service, When You Need It

At Campbell, our top priority is haste as well as efficiency. While quality is expected for any service in this industry, we take this a step further in providing speed. When you appliances break, you need a local appliance repair company that can fix the problem immediately. With our 24 hour emergency repairs, you’re guaranteed to have your repairs finished when you need it – no matter the time of day. Let us take the inconvenience factor out of the equation with fast, reliable technicians on-call.

How We Do Business

Appliance Repair

As a family oriented company, we do business with integrity and honesty. From our infancy in 1959 we have started and finished every project with respect of the homeowner or apartment tenant that needs appliance repair services. Our estimates are direct and our service is fast, lessening the strain and worry of financial predicaments. No one predicts when their appliances will fail, and that’s why we believe in bringing a professional service with no-nonsense upcharges.

The Services We Provide

We cover all of the major and minor appliances within everyday life. While some appliances have unique tasks and jobs, our job is to ensure the repair is done correctly. That’s why all of our technicians are certified in handling every type of malfunction. Get local appliance repair today from the following list of services.

Washer repair
dryer repair
refrigerator repair
Oven and Stove Repair
dishwasher repair
Ice Maker
ice maker repair
Deep Freezer
deep freezer repair
Garbage Disposal
garbage disposal Repair

The Most Common Appliance Service

Washer and Dryer

Perhaps the most commonly used appliance that can create problems is washers and dryers. These appliances are used practically daily, and have gone through many advancements over the years. Many washers and dryers come in pairs as complete sets, with multiple functions and technological settings for convenience. Due to these advancements, it takes a professional washer and dryer repair technician to diagnose and fix the underlining causes.


Where Georgetown heat and climate hits hard, your refrigerator works harder to keep your food cool. It’s no uncommon for refrigerators to become broken or malfunction overtime to accommodate the constant heat. In this event, you’ll need a local refrigerator repairman as soon as possible to quickly repair the appliance before your food goes bad. That’s why our team guarantees same day service to assist families in need and lessen the damages of food spoiling.

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Whether you have a broken refrigerator, washer, dryer, or other appliance, our team is here to help with our 24 hour emergency repairs. We believe in providing the best of services while providing them faster than any of appliance repair company. With multiple offices in the area we ensure customers a speedy recovery for their appliance so that you can get back living comfortably. Get free estimates on any of our appliance services by contacting us today!

Our Service Area

Our team at Campbell Appliance Heating and Air proudly provides appliance repair, heating and cooling services, and commercial appliance repair services to home and business owners in central Texas. Our goal is to keep your appliances running and repair any issues you may have. Take a look below to see some of the cities we service.

Round Rock
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