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Common Dishwasher Problems

Why are the Dishes Still Wet?

Be sure that you are properly loading them into the system so that the water is able to move freely. Regularly add cleaners to the rinse aid dispenser, and increase the amount you use if needed. If there is still a problem, there could be an issue with the heating element.

Why are My Dishes Not Clean?

Be sure that you are not using low quality detergents in the machine. Also, use the proper dose in the unit. Using too much can leave behind residue. Use a store-bought cleaner that is safe for use in dishwashers to remove limescale and grease build-up regularly.

There is Food Around the Filter

Remove and thoroughly clean the filter. Scrape off large food particles from dishes before loading them into the machine. Also, be sure that you are using the normal and auto wash cycles.

Why is My Glass Cloudy?

There are special store-bought cleaners that you can use that remove limescale deposits which are common in hard water areas. Also, streaks on your glasses could be a sign of corrosion. Use low temperatures when washing crystal or china dishes.

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