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Common Refrigerator Problems

Why is My Fridge Not Cold Enough?

If the back wall of the freezer is cold, and if you don’t hear the evaporator fan running, then there is likely a problem with the fan. If you DO hear the fan but no cool air flow, then you should check the evaporator for excessive frost, as well as your fridge’s compressor.

The Temperature is OK but the “Fresh Food” Compartment is Warm

All of the “coolness” in a fridge comes from the freezer compartment and moves over to the fresh food side. So, if the area is warm, then there is likely an air flow problem. The fan found in the freezer area is known as the evaporator fan, and it is responsible for moving the air around through a controlled duct known as a diffuser. Check to see if there is frost build-up on the fan, or if the component is damaged and needs to be repaired.

A Lot of Frost Can Be Seen In My Fridge

Your freezer and fridge should automatically go through a defrost cycle to prevent the build-up of frost. However, if a door is left open for a long time, a lot of moisture from your home can get inside and condense into water or frost. Tilt the refrigerator back slightly by adjusting the front leveling legs so your doors will swing closed on their own. If this doesn’t work, unplug the fridge, place your food in temporary storage coolers and let the fridge defrost on its own. This typically will solve the problem.

Frost in the Ice Dispenser Shoot

The little door which opens and closes when ice is dispensed must be working properly. If the door material is misshapen or gets dirty from grime build-up, it won’t be able to seal completely and this will let in moisture.. As the moist air gets inside, it cools, condenses, and frost is formed. Be sure that you inspect the door to make sure that it is closing properly and is clean.

There is a Sheet of Ice on the Floor in the Freezer Compartment

This is usually caused from a blocked defrost drain. You may also notice that there is water dripping into the fresh foods side of the fridge. Storing your food elsewhere temporarily and allowing the fridge to naturally defrost on its own may take care of the problem. Before you plug the unit back in, be sure that you carefully remove the back wall of the freezer compartment and move any food or plastics that may clog the tiny hole that is at the base of the evaporator coils.

There is Water Under the Crisper

This is also caused from a blocked defrost drain. You can try to fix the problem on your own by carefully removing the back wall of the freezer side of the fridge and make sure that there isn’t any food or containers that are blocking the tiny hole at the base of the evaporator coils. Also, sometimes a lot of ice can build-up and melt because of a defrosting problem.. Unplugging the fridge and allowing it to defrost on its own will sometimes take care of the problem, as well.

My Fridge is Noisy – Why?

If the sound is buzzing noise could indicate that the evaporator fan has a problem with ice build-up. However, this could also be a sign of an electrical wiring problem and it could be a shocking hazard if you attempt to fix it on your own. If the sound is sizzling, then it could be from your fridge’s normal defrosting cycle. It should stop within a few minutes.

The Freezer and Fresh Food Areas are Warm

If the compressor is running, and the unit is not placed in a very hot or cold environment, then it may be time for a replacement unit. If there is frost in the back wall of the freezer, then it could be a result of a defrosting problem. Be sure to check the evaporator coil to see if it is built up with ice.

Why is Water Leaking Onto the Floor From My Fridge?

If the temperature of the fridge seems to be normal, then the best way to start DIY-ing a repair to the problem would be to take a flashlight and look under the fridge. Wait and see if you are able to tell where the water is coming from. It could be from an ice maker, water valve, filter housing, or a cracked drip pan. These accessories can all be easily replaced.

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