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Common Washer Problems

Why Does My Washing Machine Do Nothing When I Turn it On?

First, you need to check to be sure that the washer is getting power. If it suddenly stops working, then you will need to check your circuit breaker. After making sure that there is power, be sure that the outlet is working like it should by plugging another appliance into it. If it works, then it may be a problem with the machine’s motor overheating and needing to cool down for a period before it starts back up again.

Why is My Washer Not Spinning?

Be sure that the lid is closed. There is a switch inside of the lid that completes this connection, and your washer may not agitate or spin if the connection is not completed. Also, you should be sure that the speed you have chosen is not set between speeds on the dial or controller. Be sure that the machine is not in a soak cycle – as this can also be why it isn’t spinning when you check on it.

Why Won’t the Washer Drain the Water?

Check the drain hose to be sure that there aren’t any kinks in it that could prevent the drainage of water. Also, check the lint filter in or on the drain. If it is full, it could be plugging the line that is responsible for draining the water.

Why Won’t the Washer Finish the Cycle?

This is usually a sign that the timer went bad or it has stalled out. You can take the control panel off and look for any signs of scorching or corrosion.

Why is the Washing Machine Leaking?

If it is only leaking during the spin cycle, then this could be caused from a problem with the drain hose. Also, over-sudsing could cause the problem if you have a water softener installed. Soft water and hot water make use of less detergent, while hard water and cold water need more of the solution to clean things properly.

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