AC Repair in Pflugerville, TX

Having used your AC unit for many years now, you more than likely understand how it works. Since it is electronic equipment that consists of moving parts, hearing noises is not common. However, some noises can be strange and a telltale sign that you need professional AC repair in Pflugerville. The change of noise coming from your unit can help you know when things are going wrong and as you act on this, you will be avoiding some serious problems and expenses which could come from an extensively damaged unit.

It is important to track the source of this kind of noise to determine what the problem could be. You should understand that noise coming from your equipment could be caused by a number of factors, including poorly maintained components or serious mechanical problems. For this reason, never waste any time calling a professional when you notice that something seems to be “off.”

Locating the source of the noise can be helpful in diagnosing the problem, and thus coming up with the appropriate solution to the problem. Below are some of the common sources of noise in your air conditioner:

Outdoor unit: – The outdoor AC unit has a number of components, one of which is the compressor. If the compressor is stressed or overworked, it is possible to hear some strange and uncommon noises coming from it. If this problem is not addressed quickly, your outdoor unit could slowly deteriorate, leading to poor cooling in your living spaces.

Air handler: – This relates to the indoor equipment which is responsible for air circulation indoors. In case you hear some whining or squeaking sounds, there could be a problem with the blower or another component in the indoor unit. Dirty air filters and coils are also likely to produce some unusual air sounds, and you should consider changing them.

Ducts: – It is normal to hear some sound as air flows from the exterior unit to the indoor equipment. However, any unusual sound should alert you of a problem in the ducts. Holes in the duct should be insulated without delay as they could also act as a passageway for rodents and insects, which are likely to block air flow or even cause the noise.

The best thing to do in case you detect some funny sound coming from your unit is always get in touch with a professional to take a look at your unit.